Product Quality Control

How does Yoobox guarantee the product quality?
In 2008, Yoobox set up a product testing laboratory. We send parts of each batch of procuring products to our product testing laboratory for kinds of tests. Only the high-quality products that have been proved by the tests will launch to the market. And we select every of our product with great care to ensure the high quality that you will receive.
Every one of us enthusiastically loves our products and customers.
Here is an example based on the mobile phone battery to introduce how we select and test products:

-Mobile Phone Battery Production:

Battery Cells: BAK/BYD

1.Protection Board: Seiko (G3J) (Has used for more than ten years)/ Ricoh
(The protection board of camera battery is specially-made.)

2.The use of battery: After testing 500 times (one time means the period from charge to discharge) the lifetime of battery will remain at 80% whereas other testing methods will result in significantly less

3.Environmental protection: raw materials are environmentally friendly
-Sample Test Method:

1.Property Test: With the instrument, we ceaselessly charge and discharge to test the life cycle. Our computer will automatically record this data for future tests.

2.Safety test (Destructive test):

-- High temperature test (60 
 or less)
-- Low temperature test (from -25
 to -20)

Crash test: to see how much pressure the battery can withstand
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